Explore the Past
with Rob Milne


Rob Milne

Rob Milne is a South African expert Registered Tourist Guide specializing in Battlefields, Geology, Archaeology and ancient rock engravings.

Greater Magaliesberg Route

Much more than just battlefields


South African War Battlefields

Walk back 120 years in the footsteps of horsemen, guns, and foot-soldiers where they fought. Re-live stories of courage, cowardice, and compassion on the actual battlefield where it happened.


Exploration & Hidden Energies

Explore hidden places and energies, following mystical engraved maps, ley lines and ancient settlements. Experience lingering energies in ancient spiritual places and encounter the paranormal on battlefields and pioneer farmsteads.


Hiking Trail Enhancement

Tourist Development Consultancy:
Rob Milne explores and highlights the undiscovered archaeology, geology and historical sites and stories on established and new hiking trails.

Expert Guides

Rob has ventured into unexplored places all his life, having unusual adventures and experiences – surviving two direct lightning strikes deep in the bush.

Exploring battlefields on the ground and in the histories, Rob highlights how terrain, weather, lack of accurate intelligence, and other previously overlooked factors played important roles in the outcome of each battle.

Extensive hiking reveals interesting geology and ancient sites and Rob’s many field notebooks trace and map co-ordinates of stone tool workshops, rock paintings and engravings, “ringing rocks”  and ancient temples.

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