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A kaleidoscope of human-interest stories exposing long-kept secrets, mysteries and heroics for the first time

This book is about the people who fought in the Anglo-Boer War and how this war has touched many lives, even up to the present. It has its origins in stories swapped around campfires, dinner tables and during battlefield explorations.

President Kruger's big Temptation

Maiden in Pool - statue at Kedar Heritage Lodge

When Paul Kruger was a young man he chanced upon a Zulu maiden bathing in a pool, deep in the bush. She turned and beconed to him and, as he started forward, a voice sounded deep inside him "Thou shalt not sin". He immediately stopped and fell on his knees, thanking God for his deliverance.

The Orange Tree in the Rustenburg Love Story 1901

Aletta squeezed fresh orange juice for her dying lover, Lieut. Frank Irving, after he received a fatal chest wound at the Battle of Moedwil on 30th September 1901. Where did the oranges come from? Most likely the orange orchard at President Kruger’s farm near Rustenburg - now part of the Kedar Heritage Lodge.

From 1870 to 1875 Kruger planted over 500 orange trees on his farm Boekenhoutfontein, and the oranges were known throughout the district as being deliciously sweet. The trees were still there in 1960, but now one can only see the crop marks of the neat rows of trees in front of Kruger’s historic farmhouse on Google Earth. To find the traces of the old orchards just north of the farmhouse search Google Earth for Kedar Heritage Lodge, Rustenburg, North West Province.

Kruger’s old farmhouse is clearly marked within the property. Zoom in to an altitude of about 1.7 kilometres above ground level and hover over the co-ordinates 25 degrees 33 minutes 313 seconds South; 27 degrees 7 minutes 294 seconds East, and 25 degrees 33 minutes 330 seconds South; 27 degrees 7 minutes 441 seconds East, and you can clearly see the shadows of the two orchards.