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Anecdotes of the Anglo-Boer War

Tales from the "Last of the Gentlemen's Wars" by Rob Milne

Bigger & Better Second Edition

A kaleidoscope of human-interest stories exposing long-kept secrets, mysteries and heroics for the first time. Wars always generate stories and everybody loves a story. Rob Milne has compiled this selection of Anglo–Boer War stories from all over South Africa and recounts them in a book that saddens, mystifies, but most of all entertains.

Many New & Updated Stories

There’s the devotion of the English fiancée who for 60 years sent a sprig of heather to the Lake Chrissie Post Office for her beloved’s grave, the tale of the lone Boer sniper who held off the entire Guards Brigade for more than a day after the battle of Bergendal, the sighting of UFOs near Pretoria at the beginning of the war and the story of how an unfortunate British soldier ended up being buried under a toilet on a railway station.

Fantastic Photographs, Maps & Illustrations

Rob Milne spent hundreds of hours compiling the numerous photographs, maps, tables, colour plates and indices which make this beautiful book an invaluable reference work on the Second Anglo-Boer War. An outstanding achievement!

Price: R250.00

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ISBN (South Africa) 978-1-920143-69-5  |  ISBN (UK) 978-1-908916-25-9   Paperback, 192 pages, Illustrated